“The Pitch Kit and it is by the best $35 I have ever spent. The formula/template is super thorough and is completely laid out for you. Within a matter of 5 hours of purchasing The Pitch Kit, I managed to land 8 responses just by utilizing the soft pitch of which 6 of them started off on a positive note thus far. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing The Pitch Kit to propel your collaborative partnerships.”

– Chevelle Legami

Are you tired of not knowing how to pitch your favourite brands for sponsorship opportunities?

Girl, trust me. I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling right now.

I was in the exact same position as you a few years ago.. 

Trying to figure everything out for myself

I had no clue how to even find brands to work with let alone approach them 

I had zero confidence in my ability to pitch as I only had 2K followers at the time 

I was FRUSTRATED with influencers who weren’t sharing the deets lol


Then when I FINALLY figured it out.. everything changed!


I was confidently pitching brands for collaborations on a weekly basis and receiving tons of free products with only 2K followers

I was flew out to Amsterdam on an all expenses paid PR trip with a travel company with only 3K followers!

I was receiving payments as high as £100-150 per post with a VERY small following


I’ve collaborated TONS of hotels and brands to date! And know I want to help you do the same!


Imagine if you could...

⚡️ Take ALL of the guess work out of pitching and learn the secret sauce on how to pitch

⚡️ Confidently reach out to your favourite brands and know EXACTLY what to say to secure a collaboration. 

⚡️ Stop stressing about the number of followers you have because you that your content is valuable and now you have a strong pitch to go with it!

⚡️ Have a rinse-and-repeat template so you can pitch to all of your favourite brands WITH EASE!



Easily start pitching to your favourite brands with this  6-piece templates bundle. This is truly the pitching blueprint for smaller influencers who are ready to start reaching out to brands collaborations.

What’s Included?







Done for you pitching templates to make pitching simple

The Pitching Kit is for you if...

  You’re a nano or influencer ready to take the leap and start pitching to your favourite brands 

You understand that brand collaborations don’t just fall into your lap.. it’s time to put in the work

You’re frustrated with influencers not sharing the deets on how to reach out to brands 

You have no clue how to start approaching brands or what to even say..

You’re ready to make this work and go ALL IN! 

The Pitching Kit is NOT for you if...

You believe this is going to be a quick fix and you don’t have to be on your pitching grind after purchasing

You give up easily and will be disheartned after the first “no” you recieve 

You don’t believe you should be pitching to brands and they should be the ones to find you.

You’re not ready to challenge yourself and kickstart your influencer journey

Join the community of micro-influencers who are getting responses in less than 24 hrs of purchasing The Pitching Kit 🎉​ 


The Pitching Kit is for nano-influencers, micro-influencers or creatives with a platform and ready to reach out to brands and hotels for collaboration opportunities

Yes, as long as you are confident in the value of your content. If you are not confident in your work, it’s going to be difficult for you to communicate the value.

Please acknowledge the fact it’s inevitable that you’ll be rejected (A LOT) when pitching. But if you feel that you’ve been on the grind and still not getting results, it could be something else. I urge you to reach out to me to see what we can do 🙂 

No, The Pitching Kit does not detail how to set your rates. I would urge you to complete your own research and then add it onto the templates. If you need more advice on setting your rates then please reach out to me.