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Here’s how to get your life together in 10 minutes with the 10 minute planner.

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Is productivity your main focus for 2019? If you’re wanting to know how to get your life together, now is the time to find the perfect planner for 2019. I recently purchased the ’10-Minute Planner’ by Kornelia Wawrzynowicz and I’m super excited to use it in 2019. I decided on this planner because, being THAT girl who buys a new planner every year and never sticks to it, I felt the layout of this one really stood out to me and is perfectly designed for my style of planning. No to mention it’s UNDATED.

Firstly I love the quality of the planner. The sleek black hard back cover ensures me that it’s not going to look shabby half way into the year. As you open the planner, you have a contents page which makes it easy to navigate through it, a cute welcome page written by the owner, Kornelia Wawrzynowicz and also a ‘quick guide’ giving you ideas of how and what to use the planner for.


Monthly Spreads

The undated monthly spreads gives you the freedom to plan out your most busy months but you’re not obligated to complete every month. I love how you also have space for other notes such as ‘monthly goals, things to do’ etc. This is ideal if you are trying to set more goals and be productive in the new year. 

Weekly Planning

You get one weekly planning page, followed by 7 daily planning pages, then finishing with a previous week overview. Oh, and did I mention that these are all undated? 

The weekly planning allows you to set out your most important tasks of the week as well as minor ones. Then you get a brief Monday – Weekend overview and a notes section. This is great to jot down a few notes and reminders for you to look back when you go ahead a start daily planning.


Daily Planning

The daily planning section is amazing! Very in-depth and perfect for those of us who are trying to get our sh*t together, but struggle with planning and organisation. This planner allows you to break down your days by the second! There’s is no room for forgetting anything. 

As with the weekly planning section, you get to break down your most important tasks, followed by minor ones. You get a cute quote in the middle of each page to keep you feeling inspired. And I also love how at the bottom there’s a small habit tracker section, which is great to look back on and track your performance.  Towards the bottom half of the page is where the real planning begins!

As the clue you get in the name states, you have a section for ’10-minute tasks’. As I said before, there is literally no room to forget anything. I think this is a great concept because it’s often the small minor tasks, the ones we don’t feel are important enough to write down in our planner, that we tend to forget about or leave to pile up, so the idea here is if it takes less than 10 minutes to complete, write it down and get it done! 

Also Included…

The planner also offers bonus sections which are a great addition to it:

  • Travel – A full page blank map for you to write down and colour in the places you’ve visited or plan to visit soon.
  • Travel Planning – Travel destination planning including accommodation, itinerary, things to do and more!
  • Budget Planning – Track your monthly expenses/savings and keep on top of your goals.
  • Notes – The final 14 days of the planner are blank notes pages, great for journaling or doodling down ideas.


Top tip: use pencil so you can correct any errors, you wouldn’t want to ruin your beautiful new planner! But also as some sections (such as budget planning) don’t give you a full 12 months so it’s a great tip if you want to reuse the page.



Final Thoughts

The 10-minute planner is a very in-depth, goals orientated planner. It’s great for those who are both beginner & advanced in organisation/planning. The best part of the planner for me is hands down the fact it’s undated, giving you maximum flexibility and the opportunity to use the planner to it’s fullest without that feeling of doubt when you have skipped a couple weeks (or months!)

I’m so exited and feeling optimistic about the new year. I have strong goals that I plan to achieve throughout the year, so this planner will definitely keep me on track but also helps me not to forget out the smaller tasks! 

If you want the planner for yourself you can purchase it here: 10-Minute Planner Review.



What are your thoughts on the 10-minute Planner? Leave me a comment and let me know what planning you’ll be using in 2019!





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