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How to ACTUALLY be an Influencer in 2020 (What they don’t tell you)



So you want to become an Influencer? Watch this video for tips and advice on how to become an ACTUAL Influencer in 2020. This video is for those of you who are wanting to become an influencer on social media but no idea on how or where to start.




// M E N T I O N E D  I N  V I D E O 

Neewer Ring Light Amazon:

Editing Apps (iPhone): Inshot, Quick, iMovie, Tiktok


// M U S T  R E A D  B O O K S

Start Now, Get Perfect Later:

Creative INC book:

4 Hour Work Week: 


// U S E F U L  R E S O U R C E S

Get £25 off AirBnB:

➻ my camera (CANON G7X MARK II) :

➻ my memory card:

➻ joby gorillapod tripod:

➻ 1tb external hard drive:



So are you ready to finally become an influencer? I think you are!




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