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Is it time for a social media detox?

Have you ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling on social media, one app leading to another, then when you finally regain consciousness, you can’t remember what you was looking for in the first place?

All that’s left is doubt and time wasted? Then it’s probably time for a detox.


If you feel you're in need of a social media detox, chances are you probably are. Here's 5 Signs It's Time For a Social Media Detox.


Whether you agree with social media having a positive or negative impact on society, one thing we can definitely agree on is it is powerful. Social media is like a drug, and like many drugs, it needs a rehab. As much as you may hide away from the fact, the long term impacts of social media are already proving to be slightly worrying, studies show a decrease in memory and an increase in anxiety.


We will routinely detox other areas in our physical health, it’s now crucial we pay attention to our mental health.

How I knew I was ready for a 4 Day Mini Social Media Detox:

  • I was mindlessly scrolling through one app to another, not searching for anything specific or even properly processing anything I was looking at. Simply satisfied by just scrolling.
  • I became forgetful, struggled to take in new information and complete tasks I previously could.
  • I’d get frustrated about how much time I’m wasting online.. but do nothing about it! – Addiction.


Heres 4 signs you’re ready for a Social Media Detox:


1. You struggle to concentrate or stay focused.

Without social media, a phone is just a phone. With social media, a phone is the single biggest distraction and the urge to fight off checking notifications by the minute can be difficult. Your concentration level is so low due to the fact that when you fall into the social media trap – you’re not just looking at one app at a time. You’re bouncing from you app to another in bursts that can be as short a 30 seconds!


2. You can barely make decisions for yourself

You’ve probably seen a lot of these “My followers control my life for a day” type of posts circling around the internet. Although they do seem quite fun, it is interesting to see the lengths people will exceed for online validation. The sad part of it is, this is not just a “joke” and it has in fact become an everyday reality for most of us.

We look to social media for reassurance on everything. If not on social media then definitely Google.

We now have all the information we could ever need at our fingertips. Basic tasks such as choosing what to wear or eat have become painful and the opinion of strangers has now become more valuable of your own.


3. You are comparing yourself to others.

Social media is most definitely a great place to connect with people all over the world and no doubtably find inspiration. But it’s also very easy to start comparing your own life with others, and seek validation usually in ways such as the amount of likes you achieve. This is unhealthy for mental health and can cause anxiety and depression. Many of us enter this competitive state without even realising.


4. You have blurred vision / headaches after staring at your phone for a couple hours (or in my case, a couple minutes!)

I don’t know about you, but I have to have my screen brightness low at all times. Excessively staring at phone screen means you are blinking much less causing dry and tired eyes. Also the blue light in many tech devices emit a blue light which penetrates deep into the eyes and can cause blurred vision and eyesight defects. 


5. You checked your screen time and the results were horrifying

The average person spends at least 1 hour and 40 minutes per day looking at their favourite social media sites and apps, but we all know that number is probably a lot higher for most. Don’t believe this is true?  Well how you to stop right now, open your Settings → Screentime and see the results for yourself.

Yep that’s right, look at ALL that time wasted.

I first discovered this when the notification just randomly popped up on my phone and like any of us would I jumped and opened it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so ashamed in my whole life lol. I literally just stared at it for a couple minutes, then gently put my phone down in guilt. Then 5 minutes later I picked it back up and forgot the whole thing happened lol.

Do you now see what social media does to us?!



So there you have it. Does any of this (if not all of it) sound like you?

Then it’s definitely about time you shut off from the digital space for a little while. Nobody should feel like a slave to their mobile device, being sucked in at any given moment. It’s time you regain your will power and dignity. 





If you feel you're in need of a social media detox, chances are you probably are. Here's 5 Signs It's Time For a Social Media Detox. | How to digital detox

If you feel you're in need of a social media detox, chances are you probably are. Here's 5 Signs It's Time For a Social Media Detox. | How to digital detox


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Tayla-Marie Mannersreply
January 8, 2019 at 3:22 pm

Yeaahhh, definitely time for me to take one. Do you find it easier to gradually withdraw or to just shut it down all at once? I’ve been trying, I promise! 😩
Great read though!

January 20, 2019 at 6:20 pm
– In reply to: Tayla-Marie Manners

So this time, I completely shut down at once. Because I felt like I REALLY needed it! But now I’m just trying to gradually cut down my use. Try both ways and see what works best for you x

January 10, 2019 at 8:29 pm

Great post! Sometimes you don’t realize you’re doing these things but after reading this post, I now know I need a digital detox asap 🙈

January 20, 2019 at 6:17 pm
– In reply to: Anaelle

Haha, you probably do! We have become so accustom to these habits we just don’t realise 🙈x

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