Hey, I'm Montelle.

I'm Montelle! I'm a coach, speaker & international retreat trip leader with Pangea Dreams, Global leaders in educational retreats for women. 🌍 ⠀

I help creative leaders, entrepreneurs & influencers to develop their online brand presence so they can maximise their impact & influence ⠀

Building my brand created so many opportunities for me that I would only dream of! Creating a business, working with brands & hotels, getting paid to travel, all expenses paid PR tips, speaking engagements, hosting my own events, leading international retreats, connecting with powerful industry leaders, podcast interviews, media features... (I could go on...)⠀

I was committed to creating a travel freedom based lifestyle.. and so I did! A life that I DON’T need a vacation from.⠀

BUT... I wasn’t always this confident and free! In fact, used to be very insecure & socially awkward. I had ZERO direction in life ⠀

How did I go from severely depressed, insecure & socially awkward to CONFIDENT AF and free? ⠀


That simple. I realised that no one was coming to rescue me. I had to take responsibility of my own destiny. ⠀

It took me a whole year and a half before I overcame the fear of judgement and thought fuck this, I’m just going to go for it.⠀

And so I did….⠀

Fast forward to know… I am building my EMPIRE!⠀

Every single day I’m living in my creativity and it feels so good!⠀

How would it feel if you could do the same?⠀

Well guess what.. YOU CAN!⠀


    Brand Your Influence was a great catalyst for me to launch my writing course I've been working on. Having Montelle as a coach has been really valuable as she is also a content creator so we share the same experiences.

    Julie Olum

    Travel Writer & Digital Nomad

    Before the course I wasn't creating content because I so confused.. I've now managed to niche down which has been a big hurdle for me. Montelle is a great coach, she's very passionate about what she does.

    Audrina Golab

    Fashion Content Creator & Influencer


    Since joining the course I've grown confidence in myself and the content I'm producing. I've grown my Instagram following but also created an authentic community.

    Elle Louise

    Food & Balanced Lifestyle Influencer

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